Legally increase your credit score and save thousands of dollars!
5 steps to an improved credit score!
Powerful Software designed to help you repair your credit report and increase your credit score fast.It is easy to use as 1-2-3.
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Credit Bureaus have thirty (30) days to investigate your request to verify and make changes on your Credit Report.

Personal Credit Repair Software

The Personal Credit Repair Software, also known as The Personal Credit Builder, is based on our industry-standard-professional-version Credit Money Machine Net (click here to see the professional version of our credit repair software )

You want results. The biggest problem with other software is that everything has to be entered manually and therefore it is not only very time-consuming but also cumbersome and worst of all discouraging so the results are very limited.

With our software, not only you get the same tools professionals use everyday to repair the credit of thousands of people, including professionally-designed templates to dispute all kind of items, but most importantly, the automation that you require to do all the boring-repetitive-work IN MINUTES NOT HOURS


If you are Mortgage Professional, Real Estate Agent or Financial professional and want to sell this software to your clients so they can repair their credit themselves (or use it to attract prospects) we have very special prices in quantities and also you can opt for a private label where you can sell our program with any name you like. Inquiry about these options by calling (954) 568-7153 or send an e-mail to PCB @

The 5 steps to credit repair success

  1. Get Personal Credit Repair software...
  2. Go to an online Credit Report Provider...
  3. Import your 3 credit reports in 1 click...
  4. Automatically generate all dispute letters...
  5. Raise your credit score 100 points or more!

With this software you can:

  • Lower your bills
  • Lower your mortgage payments
  • Lower your car payments
  • Lower your interest rate
  • Qualify for a home loan
  • Qualify for a new home loan
  • Get better insurance rates
  • Avoid deposits on utilities

Items subject to removal

  • Late Payments
  • Collections
  • Charge Offs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Tax Liens
  • Repossessions
  • Inquires
  • Identity Theft
  • Fraud
  • Incorrect Information
  • Foreclosures
  • Garnishments
  • Closed Accounts
  • Negative Settlements

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Compatibility : Microsoft Windows Windows 7, 8 and 10